DUCKDUCK Raincoats crew is a group of real fashion and design enthusiasts. We focus on emphasizing individualism, but we also remember that by making a product we create our reality. We’re sure that we can fully express ourselves through fashion and art. DUCKDUCK is not a coincidence. We create for you, straight from our hearts.


DUCKDUCK means stylish, urban raincoats made from attested and certificated PVC material. We pay huge attention to details so our coats could look great and be fully functional at the same time. Our special welds supporting the seams protect you from every single raindrop – just like duck’s feathers, which are covered with special substance, protect them from the water. For your comfort, the coat also has a high quality cotton lining. It’s nice, stylish and practical. DUCKDUCK is the icon of uniqueness.


DUCKDUCK coats are handmade work of the first class specialists and enthusiasts. We have nothing to do with the huge production halls located across the world. We sew in Poland and we’re proud of it. High quality, uniqueness and attention to details – that’s what makes us different.